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Click to view Healing solutions for your business or financial situation Click to view Healing for your body Click to view Healing for your body
Homepage of The Healing Biz
Homepage of The Healing Biz

Welcome to the world of NoahProductions The Healing Biz

This website contains 3 sections.
Click to view Healing solutions for your business or financial situation Health and Healing of your business - related to business, office, or financial position.
With the selection of the highest quality and exclusive online business opportunities and solutions.
Click to view Healing for your body Health and Healing of the human body - natural healing related.
With my own healing and cosmetic care products without synthetic chemical additives as well as biologic healing food.
Click to view Healing for your body Health and Healing of the human spirit - related to many spiritual issues.

About NoahProductions

Okay, first something funny.......

NoahProductions is a platform for worldwide communication and advertising. A global network of know-how and investigation.
My Dutch company is part of a worldwide marketing network, since I'm working on the internet as of 2001.

  • Devisions: Communication, Cure, Culture/Creations.
  • Master Tools: Awareness, Inventivity, Accuracy, Creativity, Difference and Technology.
  • Specialties: Internet Marketing Strategy - Communications - Social Media Evaluation - Translations.

I certainly found out that promoting a business is an enormous time-consuming activity.
Especially, when you have to change many windows, time and time again, and use all different kinds of programs.
The biggest issue (for me) was to create a very simple system to use from your own desktop.

Five years ago I wrote an advertising program (to install on a computer) and gave it the name:
"Submission Help 2010".
In March 2015, I started rewriting it to create a new online edition and now, a year later, I introduce to the public:

PromoDesk (version 01)

It's definitely a one of it's kind invention.
PromoDesk is a step-by-step course, an online educational system that shows you how to advertise online, including many tools and instruments that you can use for free!! I wrote a compact and very easy-to-use advertising system for your internet marketing strategy and business promotion. The goal was to develop an all-in-one educational program for free ads and classifieds submission, free article and ezine submission, free multiple FFA submission, free online promotions and publications, free email marketing, free safelists and listbuilding, free multiple URL submissions to many search engines and free search engine optimization (SEO), direct-to-desktop marketing, and free cloaking or shortening of your urls to protect them. All together in one system, focussed on getting traffic and unique visitors to your website, your business, your product or idea.
PromoDesk version 01 Summary:
  • Advertising promocodes worth over thousands of dollars.
  • Massive downlines and huge web traffic to your targets
  • Multiple submissions of your URL's to all major Search Engines.
  • Multiple submissions of your ads to numerous classifieds sites.
  • Multiple submissions of your ads to +2,000,000 ffa pages.
  • Free Social Media Marketing techniques.
  • Submit your articles and ezines to numerous platforms.
  • Do your e-mail marketing like posting to many safelists.
  • Use it for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Cloak or shorten your URL's to protect them.
  • Use our system for direct-to-desktop publishing.
  • Option to get the many powerful eBooks, worth over $350.- !!!
  • Have access to the updated versions FREE FOREVER.
Now go use all these kind of tools and systems together in ONE program!

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