Since 2001 we have promoted numerous products and projects on our many different platforms, with great enthusiasm and pleasure!
We used tools like direct marketing, banner and link placement, promotion on our websites, social media marketing, email marketing (in compliance with spam policy), and incentive projects, with or without the use of affiliates.
Recently we paused the internet marketing projects.
However, you can always contact us, if you have an opportunity to offer, want to place banners on our websites, or want more information. Just click the "about us" link in the header menu on top of each page.
We also have a special dedicated team which is specialized in our marketing tasks. Below you can read more about our PromoDesk Team.

Affiliate Marketing

VIP Affiliates List

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PromoDesk Team

NoahProduction's division for development and digital or physical promotional activities by the use of Internet Marketing Strategy and physical promotion teams.
View the facebook page: PromoDeskPage
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Genius Book Of World Record Sales

This is our own very big public facebook group, with 25,719 active members!! Everybody can join and post something in this group.
Genius Book Of World Record Sales
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