The translation projects of NoahProductions are arranged by Marcello R. Mark.

He is a native speaker of the Dutch language, working in the translation field since 2001 and as a professional translator since 2008.

The approximate number of words (English-Dutch and Dutch-English as well as English-English) he translated by today: more than 600,000 source words.

Marcello is currently listed at the next directories:

  • Working in the field of translation, proofreading, reviewing, subtitling, transcribing audio to text, voicing text to audio, voice-over.

  • Specialized in Social Media Evaluation and Web Evaluation projects, Search Engine Evaluation, Artificial Intelligence projects, Christian projects and other spiritual projects, website translations, html-scripts, college courses and healthcare.

His prefered rate is € 0.08 - € 0.10 per source word and he charges at least € 40 per hour for his services, with a minimum charge of € 15 per document.
His language pairs are:
English-Dutch / Dutch-English
Dutch-Dutch / English-English

If you want to use one of his services, you can contact Marcello:

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