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KvK (Chamber of Commerce) number: 68760302   Check our Dutch certificate.
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NoahProductions is a platform for worldwide communication, promotion, culinar/artistic activities and investment projects.
A global network of know-how and investigation.
Our Dutch company is part of a global marketing network, since we're working on the internet as of 2001.

In all those years while engaging on the internet, I succeeded to build a stable team, with members from all over the world. With a part of them, I maintain the Bitcoin Generator Club.

Bitcoin Generator Club

Since 2016 we've been presenting Bitcoin Generator Club on different servers and domains, as part of our cryptocurrency programs.
We are testing and monitoring cryptocurrency related programs on internet for ourself and our club visitors. We also present options to them, to earn money or cryptocurrency. We operate on a global scale on internet. Visitors of our website can opt-in for a Bitcoin Generator Club VIP-membership, which gives them the exclusive rights to benefit from our knowledge base, systems, sponsors, participating companies and partners, in order to obtain cryptocurrencies, precious metals and other investments like art & design items.
We combined those systems and programs in our Bitcoin Generator Pack, which is free to use forever for our VIP-members.   It is absolute free and there are no hidden costs or fees, to become one of our Bitcoin Generator Club VIP-members.
People can opt-in for the VIP-membership on our homepage:

Our Bitcoin Generator Club facebook page is:

PromoDesk Team

This is the development and promotion team of NoahProductions, and the facebook page is:

Genius Book Of World Record Sales

This is our very big public facebook group, with 25,719 active members!! Everybody can join and post something in this group.

1 Million Movie Stars

We're also producing "1 Million Movie Stars" our new movie that comes to town!
The best part is, that you can be one of those movie stars! Find out more on our website:

The corresponding facebook page is:

Thank you for being interested!

Marcello R. Mark
Founder and owner of NoahProductions