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1 Million Movie Stars

Become one of them!

Our new movie is coming to town!
At this moment we're developing this website, so please do not yet use this website and particular not the payment webpage, until we remove this warning!

We are producing a movie, called "1 Million Movie Stars", and you can feature in this movie!
The movie will be launched on various social media platforms and video channels worldwide, and of course our websites.
You can be part of the movie and stand out with your website, facebook page, product, receipe, a message, or just a link to something whatever you like!
Namely your name or title of the product/webpage together with the according url (web address), will be published in the movie for 1 second (this is your role in the movie) but also in the descriptions of the movie and and this will stay there forever!!

How it works?

After every 1000 new applications, we will produce and publish a new version of the movie, featuring the previous AND the new movie stars, who will be published in the video description as well, on all available platforms.
In the end, we hope to present a movie, featuring a total of 1 Million Movie Stars on 1 stage, including YOU!   We will personally notify every star, when the end production is ready

Apply early!

The so called "early birds", which we call "senior movie stars" will of course have the most exposures during the whole process of the movie!!
But all of you, will get hundreds of thousands of spectators, worldwide, on all the various platforms and descriptions of the movie, and above all: your exposure will be forever as well, as long as those platforms, like Youtube, exist!!!
Above all, you may apply as many times as you like, even with the same url. And if you like to apply multiple urls, we have 2 interesting packages! Every star will shine for 1 second in the movie, and forever in all the descriptions and webpages.

Earn income.

Furthermore,.. you,.. movie stars, will learn ways to earn a good income too, and you'll get access to our exclusive club as a VIP-member!!

How much will it cost?

Another amazing part is the extremely low price for one application, in order to make it accessible to almost everyone!
The cost for administration, handling, production, promotion and publication per application is set to: only $5 !!!

1 Million Movie Stars

Apply for your position as one of the movie stars, and learn how to earn a good income as well.

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